Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Tide Is Turning

Gone are the days when a student could stroll into an ad agency with decent ideas scrawled on a few scraps of paper and land a job.

Gone are the days when you could stumble into the same agency with an over-sized portfolio full of print campaigns for rifles, condoms and chewing gum perfectly laminated with felt backing.

Campaigns with two great ads and a third, weaker link just won't cut it anymore.

In fact, campaigns as a set of three won't even cut it. Especially if they're done for the aforementioned rifles, condoms and chewing gum.

Today, you need brilliant ideas for a wide range of challenging products and services. And an even wider range of places to put them. And they all need to stand together under a strong, single-minded thought.

If they don't, you're sent away from that agency to spend the rest of your life busing tables at a flair-adorned chain restaurant, folding t-shirts in the dark depths of retail, or mindlessly entering data in a tiny gray cubicle in a monolithic gray building.

All the while left to wonder what life could have been like as that bus passes by with the headline you could have written. As your friend sends you a link to an amazing site that you could have designed. As a viral video explodes without your name in the credits.

But we're not here to focus on what could have been. We're here to make it so.

Let's dust off that mushy bit between your ears and get started. Shall we?

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