Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The New Renaissance

Remember Highlights magazine? You were probably 8 or 9 at the Dentist's office frozen by fear of the drills or anxiously awaiting the euphoria of laughing gas. Highlights was the magazine that took your mind off of everything with logical problems, intriguing stories (to a 3rd grader at least) and creative projects designed for the artist in all of us.

This print campaign targeted at parents promotes high level thinking and intellectual development for their children. The left side of the spread announces that the following page is reserved for the next great thinker of the new generation. What's great about these pieces from ChiungHui Chiu (damn, you are on fire) is that the following page in the spread gives your child a blank canvas to work with. Music sheets for the next Beethoven, blueprint paper for the next Flank Lloyd Wright and watercolor paper for the next Van Gogh. The tagline: "Readers today. Leaders tomorrow." is a fantastic way to encapsulate the aspirational nature of this campaign.

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