Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Azze, the world turns

Sean Azze was a student in Creative Thinkers Wanted a few semesters ago.  An unassuming man with unbridled potential, Sean quickly became a leader in his class.  Mastering both a wry sense of humor and a touching sense of humanity, his work for Utz potato chips and Coalition for the Homeless has been recognized by both Archive and CMYK respectively. (He even volunteered with the CFTH to get a better sense of the things they do for the homeless population here in New York).

Following in the footsteps of other Thinkers, Sean completed an internship at Tribal DDB and went on in search of a junior copywriter position to jumpstart his career. 

It is with great pride that I announce Sean's placement at Publicis in New York.  Well-deserved for a man of great talent and even greater dedication.  Best of luck, my man.

A few of Sean's greatest hits are below...

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