Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wisdom from Victore

James Victore, designer extraordinaire and instructor at the School of Visual Arts has said it all in his email today.

Fock Henry Furd

You are more than your job. You're more than the things you own.  You are good at more than one thing.  You contain multitudes.  And you are not replaceable.  

Lesson to you guys and gals in the game of advertising: Don't get pigeon-holed.  Don't feel like the job you're in is what you are.  Don't feel that it's too late to change the game plan and get yourself closer to where you want to be.  

And once you get there, don't get pegged as just a digital person or just a social person or just a print person or just a TV person (you get the point).  Be a thinker.  An idea person.    

You are bigger than the job.  


  1. I'm not in advertising but that rings true for me, also. Sage advice.

  2. Harriet, couldn't agree with you more. This advice transcends industry and gets down to the root of humanity.