Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shout Out

Hey y'all!

The new semester is well underway and I've got a lively bunch.  Talented too.  Thank you all for signing up ready to rock.  Psyched on you guys.

Hopefully we'll have some new work to share soon.  Within the first few weeks, I've seen some awesome ideas and people are starting to comp their work.  Talk about dedication.

I have some awesome news to share on former CTW students who are making waves.

First up, Afshin Hatami. Wickedly funny and amazingly talented, Afshin has landed a junior copywriter gig at Ogilvy.

Uber copywriter Mike Lin has just finished an internship with CP+B out in Boulder.  Now that he's back in New York, he's ready to rock.  A writer with a great visual sense is priceless.  Scoop this dude up while you can.

And last, but certainly not least, Rick Cohen is EXPLODING.  Dude took it to the next level and completed Creative Circus' ad program out in Atlanta.  Shortly after his return to New York last fall, he landed at DDB's LaunchPad.  Now he's moved on to Havas as a junior copywriter. and is doing some killer work.

If any of you former CTWers have some news, send it my way.  

Until next time.

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