Monday, May 30, 2011

Nice Cans

Ever wonder how some men can cook? I'm not talking about Gordon Ramsay or Alain Ducasse. I'm talking about the average Joe. The guy who works like a dog and, if he's lucky, get's home for dinner around 9:00 and whips something up quick. That's who copywriter Brad Engle is talking to in his brilliant ads imaginatively art directed by Natalia Pereira.

You see, not every man knows that Men's Health A Man, A Can, A Plan
should be his culinary bible. But Brad and Natalia key into the fact that everything else in a man's life is so challenging, that he can't sweat it when it comes to dinner. So they suggest he grab the book and bust out a meal that takes 15 minutes or less to make (eat that Rachel Ray). Problem solved. And Brad and Natalia have done it in a way that isn't as juvenile as the headline for this post. Great job.

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