Monday, September 20, 2010

The End Of "Are We There Yet?"

Have you ever found that getting to your destination is a mundane task? Maybe because your destination is mundane itself. Going to the grocery store was never an adventure in driving. Unless you're in a Range Rover Sport.

This latest campaign is brought to you by writer Brittany Clark. Her engaging copy encourages the reader to make every day driving experiences more extraordinary. And this is only possible with the Terrain Response System — one of the many amazing features found in the Range Rover Sport.

The art direction supports Brittany's brilliance by putting the reader into the elements they might need to tackle. These ads will kill the question "Are we there yet?" once and for all.


  1. I don't know where the door is to get into your guys' world, but I have the capacity to think of easily relatable, explainable, practical, and innovative ideas all day. My skills are wasted today. I want to be used. The world needs me, I find difficulty only in setting myself apart and making my gifts known. This is an attempt at that? Anyone listening? Put an open up front capitalistic perspective on the horizon. Make the campaign to appeal to peoples natural ingrained love of novelty. Temper the concept with a moral standing that inspires love loyalty and trust. You want a marketing strategy? I want a job. Again, is anyone listening?

  2. We're listening. Your ideas are certainly valid and I'd love to hear more about where you're coming from godofmind. Send me an email so we can talk.

  3. I love the copy, especially on the Zoo ad, I dont even have kids and i smiled at the 'skip the gift shop' line.