Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wisdom Of The Ages

Ramen Noodles are a staple in the diet of college students and people in the middle of career changes. At the price of 20¢ a package and a cooking time of 2 minutes, in can't be beat. But how do you elevate it beyond being just a cheap meal? Yi-Fan Lu uses ancient proverbs and historical quotes from Asian culture to build up a brand with minimal equity. The photography, typography and striking colors help push words of advice to the forefront of these ads. The use of humor and intelligence has me cooking up a bowl of Roasted Chicken flavor right now.


  1. Very clever lines

  2. all hail the sacred Ramen! through the ramen you obtain it all, inclusive the Generic Viagra, this is so funny you know, use the great wise man of the history , well at least two of them.